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Part ⅠReading Comprehension (30)

1. According to the passage, Howard Hughes was not _____.

A. good-looking

B. wealthy

C. friendly

D. powerful

2. Which of the following about Hughes' father is NOT TRUE?

A. He started the Hughes Tool Company.

B. He liked to spend money

C. He worked hard.

D. He drank alcohol a lot.

3. Howard Hughes' parents died _____.

A. when he was 16 years old

B. before he was 19 years old

C. after he got married

D. after he moved to California

4. The word obsessed in paragraph 2 probably means _____.

A. troubled

B. reduced

C. related

D. informed

5. From the passage, we learn what Mr. Hughes lacked in his life was _____.

A. education

B. love

C. money

D. good looks

6. Whinch of the following is the best title for the passage?

A. Rising Global Temperatures

B. Rainforests Are in Danger

C. Coral Reefs Face Extinction

D. Global Climate Change

7. The word address in Paragrapn 1 is closest in meaning to _____.

A. break down

B. stick to

C. go over

D. deal with

8. Why are coral reefs called the rainfords of the rainforests of the sea?

A. Because they are home to a wide variety of sea life.

B. Because they can protect our coasts from storms.

C. Because they might supply natural medicines.

D. Because they look like rainforests.

9. The corals turn _____ in the process of "bleaching".

A. red

B. black

C. green

D. white

10. According to the passage, _____ is the biggest threat to coral reefs.

A. pollution

B. overfishing

C. industrial activies

D. climate change

11. Which of the following is the main idea of the passage?

A. Many universities ban or restrict the sale of bottled water.

B. Many states ban or restriet the sale of bottled water.

C. The bottled water industry is concerned about its decreasing saled.

D. Many people are opposed to the bottled water ban.

12. According to Ban the Bottle, drinking bottled water costs _____ dollars per year.

A. 8

B. 20

C. 49

D. 1400

13. The word controversy in paragragh 5 is closest in meaning to _____.

A. choice

B. control

C. argument

D. statement

14. What does the bottled water industry use in its own defense?

A. Botteled water is much cleaner than tap water.

B. Students should have freedom of choice.

C. The bottles are made in a more encironment-friendly way.

D. Water is healthier than some sodas and juices.

15. According to the passage, which of the following statements if TRUE?

A. All the universitied have banned the sale of bottled water.

B. Plastic bottles may do harm to people's health.

C. The purchase of soft drinks will increase.

D. Bottled water is cheap and enviroment-friendly.

Part Ⅱ Vocabulary and Structure (30%)

16. They have decided to put the meeting _____ till next Monday.

A. up

B. on

C. off

D. forward

17. If you get into difficulties, don’t hesitate to ask _____ advice.

A. of

B. out

C. after

D. for

18. While we were on holiday, our neighbor took _____ our house.

A. notice of

B. care of

C. after

D. on


20.I was trying to get into the _____ bus when I heard a voice from behind.

A. crowd

B. crowding

C. crowds

D. crowded

21. Honesty is the most important _____ a man should have.

A. effort

B. habit

C. quality

D. question

22. That student _____ his hand every time I asked a question.

A. made up

B. put up

C. rose

D. arose

23. He spoke English so well that I took it for _____ that he was an American.

A. good

B. certain

C. sure

D. granted

24. I am very _____ to you for your help.

A. grateful

B. agreeat

C. capable

D. enjoyable

25. The two girls look

A. same

B. alike

C. like

D. same one

26.The children _____ happily in the classroom when the teacher came in.

A. talk

B. are talking

C. were talking

D. had talked

27. In the road accident the other day three people _____,including the driver.

A. killed

B. were killed

C. are killed

D. have killed

28.Jim’s job is to keep his boss _____ of the latest development of that product in Europe.

A. inform

B. to inform

C. informed

D. informing

29.The young man _____ visited our school this morning is Maria’s brother.

A. who

B. which

C. whose

D. what

30. I’m awfully tired and can’t go any farther, Ted. Let’s have a rest, _____?

A. shall we

B. will you

C. can you

D. may I

31 . _____ the manager will come or not doesn’t matter much.

A. Whether

B. That

C. If

D. What

32. The American and the British _____ a large number of social customs.

A. join

B. take

C. share

D. make

33.Martin, when you go to the meeting tomorrow, _____ your iPad with you.

A. bring

B. take

C. fetch

D. put

34. It is a three-storey house and the kitchen is on the _____ floor.

A. ground

B. earth

C. soil

D. land

35. The kids were especially _____ the coming Christmas because they would get lots of presents from their parents and uncles.

A. coming up with

B. looking forward to

C. making up for

D. getting rid of

36. The used car I bought cost four _____ pounds.

A. thousands

B. thousand of

C. thousands of

D. thousand

37. What’s the matter with you? You _____ so pale.

A. are looking

B. look

C. have looked

D. looked

38. With the guide _____ the way, we set off on foot into the dark night.

A. leading

B. to lead

C. led

D. being led

39. I tore open the box only _____ that some papers were missing.

A. discovering

B. to discover

C. discovered

D. discover

40. Either my parents or my elder brother _____ going to water the garden.

A. are

B. is

C. has

D. have

41. Can you image why _____?

A. did the boy say that

B. the boy said that

C. did the boy say

D. the boy said

42. Although it is raining hard _____

A. Tom still wants to go out

B. and Tom still wants to go out

C. that Tom still wants to go out

D. but Tom still wants to go out

43. I went to _____ Shanghai yesterday. On _____ train I met a famous pop star.

A. the; /

B. /; the

C. the; the

D. /; /

44. _____ of the two brothers are fond of classical music.

A. Both

B. All

C. Each

D. Either

44. _____ of the two brothers are fond of classical music.

A. Both

B. All

C. Each

D. Either

45. There are not _____ students in Class One as in Class Two.

A. so many

B. so much

C. more

D. much more

Part Ⅲ Identification (10%)

46. The puzzle was so difficult that I gave up it in the end.


47. In March when spring is already here, we usually plant many young trees on both side of the streel.


48. You'd better to go home now because it's going to train in no time.


49. After they reached the top of the mountain, they felt extremely hungrily and thirsty.


50. Tom's father, as well as his mother, ask him to stay in New York for a few more days.


51. After living a few weeks with him, I felt sorry for to be so unfriendly to him at first.


52. Robert is a great basketball fan and love Kobe Bryant very much.


53.Hardly I had sat down when I heard someone knock at the door.


54. Nobody believed that his excuse for being late was why his car broke down on his way to work.


55. I wish I finished writing the essay yesterday, but I was too busy.


Part IV Cloze (10%)

When I was young, I spent my summer vacations on my grandparents' farm. The summer that I graduated from college, I __56__ my grandparents once again. When I arrived, I discovered that there was a family __57__ in progress.

Grandpa’s dog and hunting partner, Rusty, had taken on a very bad __58__ in his old age. He had begun __59__ into the chicken coop(雞籠)and eggs. In the eyes of the local famers, __60__ dogs started stealing eggs, there was no __61__ to cure them. They knew there was only one thing to be done __62__ such a dog—you had to shoot it and the sooner the __63__.

Rusty and Grandpa were old friends. Grandpa certainly didn't __64__ to shoot Rusty, but he knew it needed to be done. The “egg money” was Grandma’s private income, so you can imagine __65__ she felt about the problem. __66__ the inexperienced confidence of youth, I told Grandpa that I thought I could “cure” the egg-stealing dog. I wanted to at least have a __67__ to save Rusty’s life, and save Grandpa from the sadness of __68__ Rusty.

The next morning, I broke open six fresh eggs and put them in Rusty’s bowl __69__ at the door to the chicken coop. Rusty came __70__ and noticed the eggs. He quickly __71__ the eggs and happily walked off for his nap (打盹).The following morning I did __72__ thing. I put the eggs a few feet away from the chicken coop, toward the back door of the farmhouse __73__ Grandma usually fed Rusty. The next day I again moved the bowl closer to the house,and added some dog food to the eggs. Every day I moved the bowl closer to the back door, mixing more dog food and __74__ eggs. By the time the bowl reached the door, it was all dog food and no eggs. Rusty bad again become __75__ to looking for his food at the back door of the house, and never again went into the chicken coop.

56.A. watched B. C. invited D. visited

57.A. peace B. stress C. crisis D. miracle

58.A. habit B. pattern C. custom D. crime

59.A. to throw B. to break C. throwing D. breaking

60.A. once B. before C. while D. although

61.A. desire B. route C. way D. idea

62.A. in B. at C. for D. with

63.A. wider B. better C. happier D. calmer

64.A. care B. start C. want D. feel

65.A. how B. when C. what D. which

66.A. In B. With C. On D. At

67.A. rate B. space C. pity D. chance

68.A. losing B. helping C. worrying D. keeping

69.A. next B. right C. behind D. beside

70.A. before B. after C. along D. from

71.A.saw B. found C. left D. ate

72.A. specific B. same C. kind D. different

73.A. what B. which C. where D. when

74.A. fewer B. more C. little D. few

75.A. accustomed B. relate C. interested D. depressed

Part Ⅴ Translation (20%)

76. He was one of the richest and most powerful men of his time.

77. She was afraid of germs and diseases.

78. The planet's health depends on the survival of coral reefs.

79. Corals are particularly sensitive to changes in temperature.

80. They argue that plastic bottles make up a small portion of the nation’s total waste.






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